Film Output:

Platforms: We support files from both Macintosh and IBM platforms.

Applications: Quark XPress, PageMaker, Illustrator, Freehand, In-Design, Acrobat PDF. Other Applications may be supported by the creation of EPS or PDF Files.

Storage Medias: 3.5” floppy disks, 100mb or 250mb zip disks, Jaz, CDs, DVDs, 650mb or MO up to 2.6gb

Imagesetting: All of our film is output from an Avantra 36 imagesetter. This unit allows DPIs of 1200, 2400 & 3600. LPIs supported are the standard line screens between 65 lpi and 425 lpi. Its maximum film size is 34.5” x 27”.

Imposition: Original document files or PDFs can be imposed to meet press specifications, contact us for your specific needs at

Submitting your file: Please see the information in our Prepress Guidebook.


We use Fuji Color Art for all contract post negative proofs. We can also make a contact or dylux (blueline) from your film. Digital proofing can be provided on an ink jet printer.


We create high resolution CMYK or RGB scans from Scitex flatbed scanners or a Dainippon Screen drum scanner. Scans can be provided on CD either in Mac or IBM format.

Original Size Supported:
We can scan an original that is up to 11” x 17”

Percentage of Enlargement:
As a general rule, image quality begins to deteriorate past 750% (transparency) or 400% (reflective), however, we can enlarge the following original sizes by their corresponding percentages as seen in the following chart.


Original Size:
Can Be Enlarged To:
Original Size:
Can Be Enlarged To:
2,458 percent
4 x 5
507 percent
894 percent
4 x 5 up to 11 x 17
253 percent

Image retouching & manipulation:

The scan we provide you will be ready to put into your document and print. The standard price for a scan includes basic color balancing and surface defect removal such as dust. We look at each scan to ensure it’s accuracy. If you need further manipulation or enhancement done to your scan, our staff would be glad to help you make your scan live up to the vision you have for your project.