Our workflow:

Jobs are prepared using advanced prepress systems by experienced operators. We presume that the files submitted are ready for prodution. A technician will run your job into the appropriate system, review the results & create a proof of your choosing. This proof acts as a contract—it is what we refer to and try to emulate when we produce your job—so please review the proof extremely carefully. Any misgivings about the proof should be addressed before you approve it. Once a proof has been approved we will proceed with production.

What sort of file should you submit?

Please submit all jobs as proofed, press-ready PDFs. Most professional-grade design tools allow you to create press-ready PDFs. If you do not have the capabilities to produce such a file we would be glad to assist you, but this may result in additional charges. We would be happy to review your files at any point and let you know if your files will work correctly.

In some circumstances we may request that you send us your original files.

We suggest that you purchase and use products from Adobe's Creative Suite.

Creating a technically-correct, error-free file:

Our goal has always been to best understand our clients aims and help them move toward producing their work in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible. From a prepress perspective, the primary problems we encounter resut from files not being created tecnically correct or having other preventable errors. These errors cause a job to cycle through our worklow (and yours) repeatedly which often raises cost.

There are 2 primary reasons for file problems:

1. Technical Issues - File issues causing us to change or obtain new or modified files. These include problems such as color mode issues, resolution issues, bleed issues, incorrect folds, bad or missing fonts or graphics, etc.

2. Timeline issues - Jobs are rushed and files submitted prematurely. These include problems such as typos (lack of careful proofing) or subjective changes (someone deciding they didn't like the look of something, changing the wording, etc.)