As a service to our clients we maintain a full mailing department. Whether you have need of a low-quantity custom labeled job or a high quantity direct mail campaign, you will find us to be very effective at prompt, accurate delivery of your product.
We use US Postal Service certified mailing software in preparation of your list to be labeled. We can verify and error correct your list as given to us in a variety of formats, such as ascii comma delimitated. Once your list has been processed, we can report back to you the non-deliverable and non-standard addresses contained in your list. An accurate list means an economical list to deliver.
Our mailing department does all sorting and creates postal reports, creates bag tags, output labels, and image files so that the customer pays the least expensive postal rate.
If you do not require us to process your list, we will assist you in saving your files to work with our direct imaging equipment.
We can also direct image bitmap logos or mailing indicias to meet your specialized needs.
If you have any Mailing Questions or would like to enlist our service, please contact us at